This page is used for certain parts of skins, like editors or skins for role play.

NOTE: Any skins breacking the rules of the server will be removed from this page, if you have a problem about a skin and it does not break a rule please talk to a wiki admin or mod.

Skin Sources

3D Skin Creators/Editors

Skin Portals

Player Skin Search

  • Current Player Skin Download (*)
    • h t t p://
    • replace Playername with the name you are searching for (and the whitespaces between http)

( * = be aware of the capslock, some names have to begin with a capital letter! )

Skins that are found on the Internet

A place for direct hyperlinks to skins that might be good for role play.

Put hyperlinks below here:

High ranked Pirate Skin (for sea-factions)

Skins made by Massivecraft Players

Same as above and please include who made it.

For example the link "" made by konboy123 would be shown as "numani-monk-with-hood made by konboy123 " as it includes who made it, as well as the name of the skin.

Put hyperlinks below here:

All of these were made by Konboy123 for the Order of Numani, a branch of the Numani Religion.-CRACKPOTATOE.

agent-of-the-order-of-numani made by konboy123

numani-monk-without-hood made by konboy123

numani-monk-with-hood made by konboy123

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