MassiveBooks plugin example


MassiveBooks is a plugin on the server that adds more features to books.

What is MassiveBooks?

MassiveBooks is a plugin made for the server by Cayorion. It is public and open source, and you can visit the BukkitDev page here. It adds better display names on books, copying of books, ability to copy books from item frames (allows the creation of librarys), powertools (admin tool) and server books.

How do I use it?

As a normal player you have access to these commands:

  • /book unlock
    Unlock a book that has been locked/signed. This will allow you to edit the content again.
  • /book lock

Lock a book and keep the previous title and author. This command is usually used on “unlocked” books to avoid having to retype the book title.

  • /book clear
    Clearing a book will turn it into a normal book and quill. The title, author and content will be completely removed.
  • /book title <title>
    Set a new title for the book. 
  • /book copy [times=1]
    Creates copies of the book. You must however have the resources unless you are in creative-mode.
  • /book list [page=1]
    Lists all serverbooks. These books can be loaded by using the load command.
  • /book load <title>
    Load a serverbook. If the book in your hand has content it will be overwritten.

Item frames:

You can create 'librarys' by putting books in item frames. Once a book is in an item frame you can right click the item frame with a book and quill to load the book. Right click again to unload the book.

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