Home Daenset
Race Elf
Profession Protector
Vampire Nay
Married Nay
Philosophy Traveler's Dictum
Never let thy bolt or blade pierce the innocent.  Raise guard against the forces of darkness.  Protect thyself and those close to thine own self.


Age 22
Gender Sir

The Story of M'so Aarl Fre

Born into a small Elven village on the rim of Daenset, an ancient settlement nearly forgotten in many historic records, M'so Aarl Fre was raised by his mother, Ne'sa Aarl, long abandoned by his light-footed father, Trunt Fre. Showing no contempt for his father, M'so began to pick up the work left on his small two acre farm at the age of 9,  happily grinding through the days to help his mother and infant sister, Sün. Although he could not attend any educational lectures with constant farm work occupying his day, M'so studied the many ancient works of literature in his spare time and during the night.  His work ethic never faltered and desire to help brought him great respect in his small hamlet of a village. 

For 6 years M'so continued his work and studies, happily returning one late eve to discover that his mother and sister were taken by mysterious beings while he was away.  Desperate to find who may have taken them, he searches all throughout the woods of Daenset, yet to no avail.  With his spirits drawn from him, his work begins to slowly dwindle behind the shade of despair and loneliness.  This sorrow turns to distracting mischievousness as he finds himself stealing liquor from the few taverns in Daenset.

To the rescue of M'so, the one fateful day 3 years later had unexpectantly arrived where the humans had discovered his home island.  Thinking it quite a sweet surprise, M'so sets to poach the liquor from his round-eared new-comers.  In the dead of night, he sneaks onto the boat of the welcomed humans (celebrating comraderie in the tavern down the street) and snatches what he believes to be the boat's finest alcohol.  Instead, he finds himself tasting the sweet surprise that reads "maple syrup".  Observing the way the humans live their lives, the wonderful clothing in which they donned themselves, and the delicious foods that they create, M'so decides to request joining the humans in their travels.  He approaches them with the less alienating and believably more comfortable name to the humans "Maple".  They accept his request and they set sail for 4 years, seeing the world and behold all of its wonders.

His voyages across the seas come to a halt when he spots the shining, opportunistic shores of Regalia, never letting the images of his dear mother and sister escape his mind.

Emotions and Expressions

At first glance, not a very emotional or amorous being, Maple hides himself behind a wall of sarcasm and verbose speech.  Yet, the Elf does harbor strong feelings toward those that he keeps close to him, protecting the valiable bonds he creates with them.

Often expresses the interjection "Oi!" to gether attention or to state displeasure of sorts.


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