This is the story of how Ghasts and Agni made peace, and where the Wither Boss, Wither Skeletons, and the Nether star came from. I hope you enjoy this tale I made.

There was once a Village in Gana-Isha. This village had a powerful Agni-warrior protecting it. This warrior's name was Magnesis. Magnesis was said to be the strongest being in Gana-Isha. One day, a dark wizard Dwarf came to Gana-Isha. His name was Frundall. Frundall came to capture the land for the Dwarves, so he created a powerful creature that he named the Ghast. These Ghasts could shoot explosive fireballs from their mouths, and their tears had magical healing properties that could heal their wounds. These creatures were immune to lava and fire just like the Agni. Magnesis bravely fought these creatures and won every fight with them. Magnesis began on a journey across Gana-Isha to defeat Frundall. Frundall noticed this quickly and put many obstacles in his way. Magnesis got past each obsticale and was getting closer and closer to Frundall. Frundall was starting to get worried, but at the same time angered by this. As Magnesis finally reached the castle, hear could hear frundall laughing madly in his tower. Th gates on the ground floor opened and these dark creatures came out. They were the skeletons of dead Agni! This angered Magnesis with a boiling rage, knowing that this nasty Dwarf was using his fallen brothers as soldiers. Magnesis sprung into action and put his fallen brothers to rest. When he killed the final skeleton Frundall came out of his tower. Frundall wore a frieghtened face which slowly turned into an evil grin as he drank a potion with a dark aura emmiting from it. Frundall slowly turned into a giant, floating,charred skeleton with out legs and had two smaller heads for hands. Magnesis called him a Wither, for that is what the Dwarf's soul did. The Wither fired exploding skulls at Magnesis, but Magnesis was too quick for The Wither. Magnesis and The Wither battled for what seemed like hours until finally Magnesis cut off the smaller heads. The Wither screamed in pain as Magnesis delivered the final blow to him. The Wither started glowing, and was banished to the Realm of Darkness. In the place of The Wither was a small, blue, glowing star. Magnesis took the star and later named it the Hero's Star. The Ghasts were freed from Frundall and created an infernal kinmanship with the Agni. They all lived in peace and lived happily ever after


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