A view of Magenta from its highest point

Magenta, once the greatest city and faction in Ceardia, was abandoned after explorer Laura Redblock's crew of explorers discovered the mysterious continent of Daendroc. All of Magenta's people went off in hopes of making a fortune in the new world, and Magenta was left to lay there in the plains northwest of Ceardia, quiet and glorious. None of the people ever returned to Magenta, but by walking through the unlit streets, you can feel how much work and passion went in to making every square inch of the old kingdom. From the massive agricultural area to the ships sitting in the harbor, there are plenty sites to see. If you're lucky, you may even find one of the old members roaming the streets, their minds floating in nostalgia. There are stories behind every building. And here are some of those stories

Old Pinkcraft

If you take a left entering the walls and Central District from the old Harbor, you come to an area of many small houses and dwellings. Many of these buildings are in ruin or disorder, and you can find chests from members long gone. Why do these buildings seem so much older than the rest? It is because these were from before Magenta's time. Before the faction was called Magenta, it was called Pinkcraft, and this area was built before the walls were up, when the area was just huge fields of tall grass. If you're a diehard sightseer, you may be able to find one untouched mark from a member unknown. It is a road sign that reads: "To Pinkcraft". As another example that this area is extremely old, you can find many [gate] signs, and sign gates have long been disabled.

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