Lupines were rumored of as being seen in Daendroc and Ellador, hard to find these quiet and intelligent "beasts" have kept to themselves for a VERY long time.


Lupines are.quiet and can be quite intelligent but are prone to give into instinct when startled, angered or otherwise provoked. Being rather primitive and wild, they prefer raw meat and show a strong aversion to cats as well as a stronger aversion to Tigrans, which both tend to lead to violent behavior with the Lupine.


Lupines are wolf-like in appearance with brown fur in Daendroc and white or grey fur in Ellador. Note that they are NOT, I repeat NOT Werewolves which are completely different.


+10% bare fist attack damage bonus due to claws

+5% speed increase

+5% swimming speed increase

+5% breath timer increase

Hunger drains 2x as fast as a humans

Takes 1.5x as much fire damage due to excess of fur

-5% ability with tools due to primitive paw-like hands

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