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Spacemost's Message

Welp here i am sadly looking at LuminI... It's gone... No one left i have a few to blame but it's sad when Bee left i though someone could take charge sadly that didnt happen its me for LuminI if you own luminI and are seeing this. let me lead i used to be Beerandos right hand man. things happen but this is no good. ill be updating this page trying to plan stuff out so for now im out. <--- IGNORE THIS!!

Ignore the junk below for some news 

Im not leaving but ive got plans. i think the template broke but you can still read it since im not typing it all again.

Old LuminI's Fall

Before, it was LuminI, while under the rule of high emporer, BeeRando, LuminI shined in a age of wealth. They destroyed many foes, and many joined. LuminI became a shining diamond in a pot of gold. While other empires where growing steadily, LuminI spouted the size, the size of a leading empire, one to rule them all. It could only last so long. BeeRando grew bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty for war, The Auxillian Empire, could give this war. Under orders, he sent his left and right hand men, Miztorga, and Mwslocum, to assassinate a high ranking official in the Auxillian Empire, they switfly traveled to Osai, his last known location, and slayed him. Members of Osai, and others soon arrived and engaged battle with BeeRando's men, nearly killed, they fled. This began the legendary Auxillian War, one that could have been avoided. The Auxillian Empire and the Argonian Empire's BOTH, seiged the defenders of LuminI, Vegenici's, main tower. Vegenici held, using the mass amount of cannons to destroy the army, eventually, a cease fire was called. The duo that attacked LuminI, could last no longer. They split. Argonia than wanted revenge for Auxillian's lies. LuminI provided transportation to a Vegenici strike fortress near the capital of Auxillian. There, Auxillian was attacked massivly. They rallied help from the Alamutians, the war was over. But...The mystery of BeeRando is a long one, on a mission to the heart of the empire, the Island of LuminI, BeeRando, his crew, and his ship vanished. Many searches were done, but magicians think he was transported to another dimension, while various factions try to lay claim saying they had killed him, but with no proof, and no sign of his body, or even his ship, it remains a mistery to this day... As BeeRando vanished, his assets where up for grabs. Mwslocum and Miztorga, his left and right hand men, claimed what they could, and gave the rest away to those who deserved it, the great Empire of LuminI vanished then and there, but...They have come again...

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