Today we gather over the loss of the great faction of Lukkerdam. But there is a way to change the loss of land. SafeZone tarnishes Lukkerdam as it sits idly and is almost there for no use. We can't let this happen. So I have created a petition to revive Lukkerdam, it may not be under Luuk's control... but it is the best I can do. As the leader of a trading company of Lukkerdam (EastWorth) I actually was a proud member of the Lukkerdam trading fleets. But unfortunately when Luuk left the mods quickly claimed it for SafeZone. Which I mourn over the loss. As a Lukkish trading company I believe Ihave direct inheritance rights to Lukkerdam. Now i am almost certain all the mods are going to tease and jeer at my wild idea. But I never give up on ideas. So I am currently hoping for something that will never happen. I still believe that Lukkerdam should continue to thrive as I hope for a new Lukkerdam, a greater one, it may not even be peaceful or permanent... Please comment if you agree with this. Thank you.


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