Laura and her dog Columbus

Laura Redblock is a legendary explorer, famous for many discoveries such as the lost colony Silverwind, the largely inhabited lands of Ithania, the untouched wild continent of Daendroc, and the magestic snow-filled Ellador. However she is rarely seen around Ceardia due to her constant travelling.

Previous Travels

A expedition to the unknown - The discovery of Daendroc

"The beloved Mayor of Silver Edge, Ninjabaver, is now funding an expedition to the unknown in collaboration with the legendary ship makers of Lukkerdam. The leader of the expedition is the famous explorer Laura Redblock." - Article from The Daily Creeper

On this travel the daily Creeper had a reporter following her and the crew on the travels, raporting back when possible, read all about it in the old Daily Creeper articles.


Laura claiming the continent Daendroc.

The Daily Creeper Articles:

The search for the Sword of Light "Laura Redblock, well known explorer, famous for many discoveries such as the lost colony Silverwind and the untouched wild continent of Daendroc, has recently been on a long search through the thick jungles of Daendroc for a map. A map mentioned in old manuscripts and believed to be a myth. The hunt lead Laura to a Monastery, long forgotten and overgrown by vines and trees.

The walls inside of the monastery were filled with inscriptions in an old forgotten language that Laura managed to decrypt." Article from The Daily Creeper


Laura, traveling towards Ellador with two ships.

The Daily Creeper Articles:

Arrival at Ellador

"On a continent mentioned in the inscriptions as “The Cold North”, or “The Ella Dor”. The map is pointing me in a direction. I will travel there as soon as the ships are loaded and ready to go." - Article from The Daily Creeper

"The light must have seen us! As we finally made contact with our 2. vessel, it came to our surprise they had not been struck by the storm. We relocated our resources, and sent it back, with a urgent message to the mayors of Ceardia and Daendroc.

Our damaged ship was swiftly rebuilt, and our encampment had been set. We made facilities and enabled the ability to stay. We are ready, let the world come."

Ellador 01

Shipwreck near Ellador encampment.

The Daily Creeper Articles:

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