Faction Faction Name
Race Undead Dwarf
Profession What is your character's profession?
Vampire no
Married no
Religion Name?
Divinity: Creeper? Mars? Buddha?


City, Country
Age 399 Years
Gender Male

My Story

The dwarf named bear(Bear22). Grew up in a Small dwarf town. He was the son to the leader of the town. His father learned him how to mine and melt metals and forge. When he was 17 he earned the dwarven throne. He was afraid of dying. And losing the throne. so he talked with his Dwarf mage. He told him how to make The ring of Kraftdumion. That means the ring of immortality in Southern dwarfish. He weared it for 2 day then every thing he ate tasted like dust. And  when he drank something it felt like lava. After 1 year the ring had corrupted his mind. And he started a war against hes allies. He captured some of hes friend and tortured them until they felt the pain he felt. 2 years later he wanted to ger rid of the ring but when he tried to take it off is grew smaller and smaller until the ring had turned into a ball of gold. The ring borrowed into hes skin and into his hearth. Hes people stared to hate him and took him out of the town he lived in a cave for 220 years. Hes skin turned green and hes eyes turned red. Now he wants to get the ring out of his body. So he can rest.


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