Faction Legends
Race Human
Profession Fighting Master
Vampire Never


Realife: Sweden

Game: At the high mountains of deanrock


Realife: 14

Game: 27 :P

Gender Male

My Story

I was in a war againts an evil demon. We won the fight but many were lost. Me and the remaining survivers sailed through the huge ocean to look for a new world. Me and my buds arrived at a land called somthing (forgot the name xD). I met some nice people called pinkcraftians. They let us lived there until we made a faction. After that me and my buds moved on to find place to build. We found one at a land called ceardia. We made a city at a snow boime and made a faction there called Legends. There were not so much war that time. One day a new faction was made near the snow boime. They came to our city to invaded and claimed my lands. But they dident claimed to hole thing so instead i griefed my own city because i heard rumors about a new land. I decided to build a new city better then the old and i dident want invaders to just come and enjoy there new city. (at that time i dident know that claiming isn't allowed) Me and my crew moved on the a island to live in for a while. When the new world was out, me and my friend made a huge city on top of the walls. At some time i decided to go out and strike Evil. I enemied all the faction that is evil. The war againts evil was not so bad at all. Our faction was never defeated at any battle (It is true, we never lost a single fight). But i do lose when i was helping my allies. So here i am, fighting evil and helping factions in trouble.


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