Kid Ducky

Faction Amun
Race Human
Profession Master Assassin and Leader of Amun
Vampire Yes
Married No
Religion Unificism


The Desert



Gender Male
Amun - Base

Base of Amun


"Stop, thief!" He had heard nothing else for days. With his parents hanged for theft, KidDucky had to find a way to survive. Conditioned to the city, he honed his skills stealing from the rich and escaping the city guards, who had all met him at one point or another. All was well, until that one final day where everything changed. The day started like any other, with stealing food for breakfast. The guards chased him, like they always did. Easily outrunning the guards, KidDucky didn't notice the rock that flew and hit him right in the skull from the window. If it weren't for the man that hid his unconscious body, KidDucky would've been executed. Realizing this wasn't a life for him, he fled the city with some trusted friends and formed the Assassins, pooling his life savings and some diamonds into building materials to construct the city. Slowly, his warriors became faster, stronger, and more able fighters. He now heads an army of trained master assassins.