The Council and ranks of the Karagetion Empire welcome you to their Wiki page.

Robodog295 and Rehan2004

Our king Robodog295 (Left) and our captian Rehan2004 (Right)


Karaget Is a mixed empire of Pirates, Samurai/Knights of the rising sun, Standard knights and romans. Karaget Residentials try their best to make unique buildings like Castles,forts,Cities and the standard minecrafter's buildings.Karaget Is allied with the Byzanthine,Arcean and (Sometimes) serenum empire allowing you and your friends a LOT of time to explore in the marshes of Celestial or the sands of Byzanthium and tens or even hundreds more.The empire is governed by the King Robodog295 and his general MrCrazy19. The council and high ranks of the army will usually have meetings in the great tower to discuss politics and new recruits that want to join the ranks of the Karagetion empire.

Empire Politics

The Empire is divided between the Capital and Sub-Factions also known as a "Kanarexions". These Kanarexions are assigned with different Jobs Depending on their location and size. For Eg. a small Kanarexion far from the borders of the Karagetion Empire would be assigned to scout or collect recources for Karaget and then Given to all the Karagetions within reach of it's borders.This is done by using one of the main rules which involves using portals.The main Jobs are here:


Your General,MrCrazy19

Large/close Kanarexion: Village/Garrison

Small/Close Kanarexion: Village/Trading Centre Large/Far Kanarexion: Large Recource

Gatherer/Garrison/City (Uncommon)

Small/far Kanarexion:Small Trading outpost/Village

Each Kanarexion is either a Kanarexion which wants to join our ranks,which gives them more freedom like allowing them to make their own rules (For their own of course, not the empire) and allowing them to recruit anything but enemies and The capital's Residents,this is because each Foreign Kanarexion is assaigned with a counciler, and with the King's permission,may leave the empire at any time.As of Kanarexions that belong to the Karagetion Empire,havent got as much freedom as they must do what the highest ranks of the council and it's king say and may not leave the Empire at any circumstances.

List of the Empire's Main and Sub-Factions

  • Karaget (Capital Faction)
  • Kanaret
  • Name Unknown due to Lack of knoledge....
  • More still to come.....