Jesse Roskinger

Faction WhiteSpire
Race Undead
Profession Blacksmith
Vampire No
Married No
Religion Unknown
He cant have one


New York
Age 14
Gender Male

My Story

As a child he was always in trouble. He spent most of his time on the docks watching his father go on trips. They didn't live in a village, they lived as farmers. In his teens he started going on trips with his father, only reason he did was because his mother was killed by a vampire raid. He had always dreamed of becoming a sailor. But one day in his early twenties he got word that his father's ship had hitt an ice berg. All that was left in his family was him and his older brother, John. So Jesse decided to hire a crew and build a ship. When he was about 22 he had his ship built and a crew of 15 men. He became a pirate as his brother stayed back and farmed. One day he go word that his brother has been assassinated. It was a sad day for Jesse. One day on a trip they found a slave owning ship so they decided to raid it. He then found the Mrs Roskinger. And he married her at 24. Then after four years of sailing the seas he decided it was time to retire and sale his ship. The crew wasnt happy... So they decided to kill Jesse. He faught and struck them all down but then one of them ignoring their wonds stabed his wife. Then Jesse picked up a sword and cut the assassin's head off! He then went to Regalia to start a new life as an investigator at the age 30.


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