Ingame Support

You want to help the team/community ingame? It's always possible via the Grid, the game itself or your imagination.

  1. You could for example start in the forums a thread about a group or faction, which replants trees in the worlds or fills up destroyed deserts.
  1. The grid is a world, where you have to apply for access in the forums with pictures of your own mine/massivecraft constructions. If you have success you get access to some chunks where you can start building. These buildings can be copied from the grid into another world.
  2. You can apply for being part of the team to support a department with your knowledge and abilities. (You have to be 16 at least!)

Remember, you could also build an awesome new arena/dungeon in wilderness, which is protected via the rules (except valuables) and could also be claimed as a new warzone by the team after you have asked them.

Remember also, that all your buildings/actings are supporting the community/factions and the role-play. If a travelling merchant arrives at your main gate and asking to enter. You and the merchant went to your tavern and you buy some wool from him while eating cake with him and hearing music. We can count that as great support! =D

Ingame Help

see Ingame Help

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