Ingame Help

A player has created a shop within your claimed faction territory and you want to remove it? The tree infront of your SilverEdge embassy needs to be a birch? Is fire/lava in a shop in Daenshore allowed?

You can't find an answer for these questions - then type: /helpop <text>

NOTE: Normally you don't need to write a helpop, except it's something particular like the example questions above, which can only be handled/answered by the team.

Beside the help of the staff itself you can try to ask your question ingame in the global channel.

The community is huge and always willing to help others by answering their questions like: "Is there a portal to the end?" or "Could it be, that only premiums can wear diamond armor?"


The command /helpop <text> (replace <text> with your question) will send a message to the help system of the staff. They will contact you ingame via personal message, when they will read your helpop and have time for it.

NOTE: Please be patient, the staff is not only online for doing helpops. Don't spam it.
see Rules

Ingame Support

see Ingame Support

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