Information for Citizens of Algaron


  • Do not grief
  • Do not steal from allies
  • Respect your allies
  • Always follow orders from someone with a higher rank than yourself
  • You are not allowed to be a Vampire

Breaking any of these rules can result in execution and banishment from the Algaron Empire.


Rank 1

Emperor: Only one person can be Emperor, the current Emperor is rooseus.tesseran (temporary)

Rank 2

Mayor of Algaron: You need to be the owner of the Algaron's capital to get this title. The current owner is saintsdemon.

Warden: Only one person can be Warden, current warden is XVW.

Rank 3

Mayor of Algaron's outpost: You need to be an owner of any Algaron outpost to get this title.

Rank 4

Commander: You need to get promoted by "the faction leader" to get this title. (Secondary title)

Rank 5

Guardian: purchase premium for your account. (Secondary title)

Rank 6

Paladin: earn 400 in axes/swords skill.

Ranger: earn 400 in archery skill.

Marauder: earn 400 in unarmed skill.

Rank 7

Templar: earn 200 in axes/swords skill.

Archer: earn 200 in archery skill.

Brute: earn 200 in unarmed skill.

Rank 8

Knight: earn 100 in axes/swords skill.

Huntsman: earn 100 in archery skill.

Barbarian: earn 100 in unarmed skill.

Rank 9

Soldier: earn 30 in axes/swords skill.

Bowman: earn 30 in archery skill.

Conscript: earn 30 in unarmed skill.

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