Call me ilublo.

I'm human. At least I try to be.  Having never fared well in battle, I am drawn to dark crevices, and caverns - emerging reluctantly at dawn to do my master's bidding early, before the sun is high. I am in the service of Vampires. I keep myself well nourished, as my blood reserve may be called upon at the caprice of a ravenous nocturnal monster. A life of servitude is not without reciprocity. I am supplied with strong, enchanted tools and a bountiful meat harvest - if i'm so inclined.  When I have time to myself (typically when my masters are raiding or ambushing hapless humans) I dig. The back of my hands begin to itch and nausea begins to wax if I stray too far from the core. I get nosebleeds above 40 blocks. When I travel above ground, I do so only in the company of dogs - and only when thier shadows are long.

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