Igel son

Faction The Pinkcraftian Empire
Race Human-super human, magical even

Shop Keeper

Former Jarl of Magenta

Vampire No

My Story

The story of how igel_son (in daily talk refered to as igel) came to Binral is not surtain but it is said that he arrived there in search of fortune. His shop in Binral became famous for its bread and special sales on different kinds of ores.

Igel as well as his travel companions Thedric and Pidde came from a far away empire called Pinkcraft.

When the world Ceardia was discovered he got promoted by the emperor of Pinkcraft to lead a new city in that world. The city was Magenta and it grew to be one of the largest city's in Ceardia. Magenta became famous for it's trading and peacefull policies. The city wall of Magenta has still never been necessary.

After many years on the throne igel demanded a retirement. Around the same time the explorer Laura Redblock found a new world and the emperor of Pinkcraft ordered a expedition. Thedric was chosen to lead the new colony in the world of Daendroc. Igel decided to follow. But this time as a regular person without ranks and left Magenta, perhaps for good.

Today igel_son lives in the small colony of Cerise and is focusing once again on his trading business with his shop in SilverEdge. But also on his garden in Cerise.


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