How To Make A Creative Gate

This guide will show you all things you need to know for the creation of a creative gate.

Note: The configuration options for the plugin may be changed by server owners, and these may be incorrect in some cases.

The Frame

To create a creative gate you need the following resources:

  • 2x Emerald Blocks
  • 1x Clock
  • 10x XP Levels (5 XP levels per clock)
  • 1x Anvil

The Activation

Only premium members of MassiveCraft are able to activate a portal with a clock! Make sure to name the clock and record the portal name before you light it. To light it, right-click with the clock in between both emerald blocks.

The Connection

You have to build, in the portal chain, at least 2 frames with the same network name for it to connect properly. :)

Inspecting The Gate

By using Blaze Powder, you can inspect the gate to receive its connection name as well as how many portals are connected to the network. Furthermore, by using Magma Cream, which is explained below, you can set it so that only the gate's creator can view the gate's specifications.

Restricting The Gate

Magma Cream can be used to restrict a gate so that only the owner can use tools on it. For example, only the owner can view the combination of the gate. However, the gate can be destroyed even if it is restricted, so make sure that it is secure.

Entry Permissions

If you use a Blaze Rod, you can toggle it so that nobody can enter through this gate to access the rest of the chain. You may also toggle it so that nobody can exit out of this portal and are instead diverted to the rest of the chain, if any. As explained above, Magma Cream can restrict it so that only the owner may use these functions on the connection.



Creative Gate Example #1


Creative Gate Example #2


Creative Gate Example #3


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