Welcome to the Holland faction.

Holland aims to become a trading Empire.

In the store at Holland you place your own shop, when are an ally.

When in Truce, you can use button,doors and chests.

We Roleplay and expect our Ally's-to-become, to visit us and sign a contract. Both party's will get a copy to keep safe.

In Holland grief is punished. Only owners can build on their land. Ex-Residents you can find at our graveyard.

On the picture is the Castle of the Lord of Holland.

It is always open to visiters, and contains a smithy that sells all your weapons and armour needs.

Prices in Holland are unbeatable.

We also buy iron, gold,coal etc, visit our shops, only Enemy factions can't shop.

Msg mh72 to est up a store in Holland, or request an Truce. Since Allies can interact a lot in Holland, we only Ally very trusted factions that we have engaged with.

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