Faction Bloodshed
Race DeathFiend
Profession Military,Knight,Typical Man
Vampire No...Or wait...Yes..Hah.


Draednorc,The Land Of The Gods.

Age 1500 (14 In your age humans...Ergh..)
Gender Terona-Err..Male
Married Yes,Alexis_Jewel
Past DeathFiend Sorcerer
Obeys Techpac624,Emineko
Best Friend Um.Hehe.


Go into the future.

If you know what that


Secret name Terces
BloodColour Green.Hehe

My Story

The DeathFiend

Hello Mere Mortal,Whom Is Reading,

My Name Is Gustaz.I am a proud DeathFiend.

I have taken a body of a boy with headphones.Wait What Do You Mean? What is headphones? Oh god why did i return to this age....Gah...Why am i even writing on this about myself? I am a deathfiend...Not a rat...

Just let's say...Oh well Gah...Goodbye Mortal..For Now....

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