Greg was a mysterious man who looked for many ways to create mischief. Until one day, everything changed.

Greg's Childhood

Greg was like everyone else, getting born regular just like everyone else, but the only thing that was different was he was raised by pirates. These pirates were called the RedClaw Rogues. They ventured into many ancient cities and underwater realms to track down any sort of treasure within them. But Greg was forced into this life when his homeland was destroyed by corruption. He was trained to bribe, steal, and to even kill. But he wasn't trained to kill humans, but Maiar. The pirates thought them as slimy fish creatures who all they did was wait for a boat to come by and then attack. Cowards they said. Foolish they called them. But then everything was about to change...

Greg's New Life

Greg became second in command on his vessel. They were heading for what they thought was a treasure hunt, but would end worse. They were going to the dreaded El Creepado. When they entered they were amazed. Then out of nowhere, a giant lava creature burst out of the middle of the room. The pirates attacked. They were easily defeated. But the creature let one be unhurt, Greg. The creature told him of his great destiny, to be a king of a kingdom. But it wouldn't be so easy. The creature gave him a crown and told him that whoever wears this crown will destroy your destiny. So Greg put it in his bag and started to walk off. But then the lava creature grabbed hold of Greg and chanted an ancient spell. Then he was thrown into the flames. He woke up in Hidden Dragon not know what had happened to him, but all he saw on him was an ancient volcano sharded necklace around his neck and the golden crown in his bag...

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