The Crimson Torture room, as found by Captain Silver Albatross of the Golden Delta and Queen_Sadie of the general public

Golden Delta Vs. The Crimsons is the conflict that begun on 6th May 2013, between the Golden Delta (Law enforcement group) and the Crimson Inquisition. 

Discovery of the Room

Captain Silver Albatross had gained access to the Crimson Prison because he felt something was very wrong. A woman named Queen_Sadie had told him about her brother who never returned from the prison. They investigated the rooms. Tiny cells, uncleaned toilets- life would have been hell. This doesn't compare to what they found below...


A sacrificial altar and a lava/cobweb trap at the back of the basement.

Silver and Sadie went down to the basement, expecting more cells, as Sadie was told by an official. However... this was not the case AT ALL. There were water traps, sacrificial altars, lava traps... even a crusher. Silver later showed the townspeople and influenced reaction for their crimes.

The Notification of the General Public

Silver managed to tell many people of the public about the events. Silver even showed multiple people. He said the Golden Delta were given permission to arrest the killers.

Wolffram, upon hearing this, outlawed Silver Albatross and Silver decided to take matters into his own hands as not to risk anyone close to him.

The Ugly Truth

Silver, upon further investigation with help from an old friend, realised that Queen_Sadie herself was a vampire (therefore possibly biased). She had manipulated Silver into believing the torture rooms were still in use by the Crimsons. In fact, the prisoners were only lightly roughed up there for more info, and were treated quite well. Silver has offered peace to the Crimsons.

Silver also discovered, from a close friend, that he was only outlawed due to finding the evidence and mercenaries were being sent after him. Silver has come to the conclusion that the devices WERE used on people- but the Crimsons weren't the ones using them...

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