Faction TheGuild
Race Human
Profession Assassin
Vampire No


United States
Age 16
Gender Male
File:2011-12-26 12.26.00.png

My Story

I was set adrift into a spiraling state of nothingness. I have no recollection of who I am or what secrets lie in my heritage. I woke up on a Continent that the locals called, Ceardia. I knew nothing of this place or what secrets it held to my mysterious past. I stayed on a straight course forward hoping for anything. I was lucky to find a freindly faction known to the world as Serenum. I was payed to be a humble farmer in the ranks of the Serenum Empire. I soon became to ambitious to stay as a lowly farmer. So i left Serenum and joined Hjorvarth. There I became an important double agent with our Enemy faction Fellowship. Although I was now an important part of this faction I longed to have a faction of my own. Soon i was offered the chance to take over the faction TheMiners. I took controll of this faction and soon I tranformed it into TheGuild. I now wait for my chance to bring TheGuild to its full potential and to start an empire of my own. The Empire of Assasins....

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