Faction Alamut
Race Human
Profession Building
Vampire Maybe...Maybe not...


Age 17
Gender Male

My Story

My childhood wasn't easy. I passed it together with my 3 brothers. However, it wasn't as if we could play. Our father raised us to be fighters, human weapons...At age 10, I was able to defeat 2 men at once. Iam not the type of guy that exaggerates, or one that lies. I always asked my father, "What should we fight for?" And he always answered, "For your creed, my son, and for nothing more."

When we were young, my brother Kapry wanted to travel, and to see the world. Inseperable as always, I went with him. It was a terrible mistake... Alamut fell, and my father is probably dead. The news reached us 1 year after we started our journey. "Alamut, burned and raided, is ashes. It's king your father, is missing, probably dead." Well I dont know. I recently heard that he took a ship to find us, and that his ship crashed. Kapry knew only of his father's death, not of the shipwreck, and he immediately traveled back to find the bastards responsible for the falling of Alamut, and for causing his father to attempt and fail to escape. I went as well, hoping for answers.

I am a member of the great Alamut. Once under the direction of my father, now under the direction of my big brother Kapry. It was his right of birth to take that position, I know that, but even if it wasnt, I wouldn't want to compete against him. All this annoying stuff he has to deal with...Politics, problems of our members...I prefer to stand behind him...silent...And although he is the leader, he has the respect, I know that he trusts me more than anybody else. My life takes action in the second row. I am content with that. If all would be leaders, who then would be guided? Some people may now call me a sheep, following a fool. Ia m not a sheep...I am a true soldier. A realm is only as strong as its' soldiers, and so fortresses are as well. Alamut fell once, never again. It's my duty to protect it.

Not many people know, but I am the one who rebuilt the most of it. I am the one, Getreidepop, who discovered the...* mumbles to self* no...that would be too much information for now... *turns away, his story finished, for now...*


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