Fence gates plugin picture

Fence Gates

Fence Gates (better known as PorteCoulissante) is an installed plugin on MassiveCraft. You are able to create a working gate/portecoulissante out of any kind of fence. It needs redstone to power it.

The official page of the plugin can be found here: PorteCoulissante - Bukkit

How to Create a PorteCoulissante

You need:

  • Fences (any kind, but not mixed) as square
    • at minimum 3x3 (up to infinity?)
  • Redstone
  • Power supply (lever/redstone torch/button/preasure plate)
  1. First, you must build a frame out of any type of block that isn't a fence block. See the above picture for a reference.
  2. Next, you must assess how many fences you need to make the frame. Say the frame is 6 blocks tall, like it is in the above photo. You must fill the frame with fences so that no matter where the fences raise to, it is touching the redstone powered block. In this case, that means you must fill it 4 high with fences.
  3. Then, you must power the block that will be the redstone powered block. The power must come in from the side. Basically, either directly from the left or right, depending on what side the block you are powering is on.
  4. Finally, power your gate with a lever, and if you did everything correctly, it should raise or lower! Keep in mind, the gate will raise slowly, since it is fighting gravity.
read more about it in the Fence Gate Guide