Example Faction

Use the template below and replace it with your faction's statistics. Make sure to switch to source!

FBox Description massivecraftDescription

"Never give up."

FBox Disbanded massivecraftDisbandedNo
FBox Founder massivecraftFounderK1ngexample
FBox Leader massivecraftLeaderduk3.41
FBox Officers massivecraftOfficers3
FBox BuildingStyle massivecraftBuilding StyleArabian/Egyptian/Indian
FBox Location massivecraftLocationIthania
FBox Races massivecraftRacesAll
FBox Power massivecraftPower70
FBox Maxpower massivecraftMaxpower70
FBox Members massivecraftMembers7
FBox Allies massivecraftAllies17
FBox Enemies massivecraftEnemies2
FBox Truce massivecraftTruce32

Example Links

Short Overview

This is a short overview what your faction does, what your aim is and maybe who your biggest ally or enemy is.


Here you could add the faction news. All what's relevant to the faction can be posted here.

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