Faction Wiki Guide

This guide is a tutorial on how to fit your Faction Wiki page to the Wiki's specifications and namespace. After your faction has some members, you try to store and share all information of your faction, like the faction rules. It's much shorter to use a Wiki, with the benefit of media like tables instead of writing Minecraft signs that take up space and are an eyesore for some people.

Faction Namespace

We recommend to you to use a Category (i.e. Category:Excalibur) as the main page of your faction, not only a single page (i.e. Excalibur). It's because your faction will probably grow and you will want add more content to the single page until you need more pages. For example, more pages means you have a shop and want to write about it, but the page "Shops" is still used for a general page.

We recommend to you to name new pages, which belong to your faction, with your faction name!

Example: "Excalibur - Shops"

After or while you create a new page for your faction, remember to categorize the faction in your faction category.

Create Faction Wiki

(Replace the 'Faction Name' with yours)

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