Thoughts for a new faction:

Please put your ideas here with your name.

Dranah is fading. Many of our members have left to join other factions or start their own, and many others have stoped playing and been kicked. Those that remain are rarely online.

I think it's time to leave Dranah in the capable hands of someone who wants a large faction claim, and set out to start a new faction that is more careful to invite only dedicated RP players. Here are my suggestions for making our new faction an interesting place to live:

  • Politics

The faction officers and myself would form a Council of Elders who would be responsible for creating and enforcing laws, managing inter-faction politics, helping new players get on their feet, creating/maintaining public structures, etc. We would perhaps assign individual council members to specific tasks.

Elders would be chosen based on:

Loyalty - no griefing/stealing, general concern for faction well-being

Time online - we want officers who will be online to help members and encourage RP

Roleplaying - officers should add to the roleplay nature of our faction

Time in faction - those who have shown their dedication to our faction

Members would be chosen based on:

Roleplaying - even a questionable member may be invited if he shows good roleplaying (may be kicked though if he doesn't obey the laws of the faction)

Dedication - we may require prospective members to actually walk to our faction before we invite them

  • Roleplay

The elders would create a backstory for the faction and periodically update the faction wiki page. They would also help members find a good role in the faction.

All members would be encouraged to create and maintain a character wiki page.

Periodic faction meetings where all players would be encouraged to attend if possible. Here we could discuss current events, address concerns and generally promote roleplaying.

My current idea for the faction is a village of elves, dwarves, and men. I'd like to limit the faction to a single world and only claim what we need for protecting buildings. The village would be centered around a church with good and evil altars and a churchyard/graveyard that would be wilderness so monsters could spawn there at night. This could become annoying, but I hope it will help keep life interesting and promote the RP feel of our faction.


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