Esgar VanSherburne

Faction Libertem - Capital of the Orianis Empire
Race Human
Profession Noble of Regalia and Regent of Orianis
Vampire No
Married No
Religion Not religious


Libertem, New Ceardia
Age 34
Gender Male

My Story

Evalin looked up at Henric’s face with tears of joy in her eyes as she looks down at her son, her first born, Esgar VanSherburne. It was at that moment that she was happiest, at that moment she had tunnel vision for her husband and her son and nothing else, and it was the happiest moment of her life. She had a baby, a child to raise in this world and to carry on the family legacy. She lay back and rested her head on the pillows, Esgar still nestled in her arms, and there she fell asleep. While she was asleep the midwives took Esgar to the nursery, he spent the first 24 hours of his life in the nursery while his mother slept. He was fed, changed, bathed and cared for by the midwives. After 24 hours his mother woke up and looked down at her arms, her eyes widened as she realised she was no longer holding her baby. She hopped out of the bed and ran down the hallowed halls of the VanSherburne mansion. She turned the corner on her beeline to the door and ran into her husband.

“Evalin, what’s wrong? What happened?” her husband asked in a worried tone. “Esgar! Where’s Esgar?!” she was panicked, she needed to know where he was. Her husband chuckled lightly at her look on her face, “He’s in the nursery, where else would he be, love? I was just going to visit him now”, he put his arm around her and led her down towards the nursery to see Esgar. They opened the door and walked to the cot that held the sleeping baby, “he’s going to be great you know; a fierce warrior and a smart man.” He was filled with pride, his legacy would continue through the years and he had a son, his firstborn. 

Esgar moaned in his sleep and turned on his side, not aware that his parents were watching over him just as they would be for years to come. ----|------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|------|---- Esgar smiled up at his mum as she tucked him in, “Thanks mum” he said, that same smile reaching her as well. “Anything for you Esgar, my baby boy.” She grinned from ear to ear with pride and joy at the child she was raising with little help from her husband, Henric. The VanSherburne family had hit a rough patch money wise a long time ago and they were still recovering from it. Henric had receded into the office to take a hold of any finances, transactions and decisions personally from home and he had never really come out. He came out to eat and to sleep but apart from that he was a rarer sight than a Drowdar elf. And when he did come out he never played or spent time with his now 6 year old son. Evalin’s smile died down at these thoughts as she left Esgar’s room and walked towards her own bedroom. That night she fell asleep with her back to her husband, ashamed of the way he treated his son, his flesh and blood. Esgar needed to be raised properly and with a father but the best his father did for him was send her or servant in his place. Over the other side was Henric, contemplating whether or not to take his son hunting the next day. He doubted Evalin would approve but she was the one that said he and Esgar needed to spend quality time together and what better way than hunting? The next day Esgar woke up to a boot nudging him in the ribs, “come one boy”, came the sound of his disgruntled father, “we’re going hunting.” His father nudged him one last time before yelling over his shoulder as he left, “Hurry up!” Esgar put on a pair of pants and ran out to the back door where his father was fumbling with the keys. He walked up to Henric and took the keys from him and unlocked the door. They walked out to the forest at the back of the estate together, poor Esgar nearly running to catch up to his father’s large strides. “Here, take this. Just put the arrow there, pull the string and let go.” Henric handed Esgar a longbow, it was nearly twice the size of Esgar and he struggled just carrying it but somehow he was supposed to use it. They walked on in silence, not saying anything to each other as their small forest path opened into a clearing ahead where a flock of wild sheep were grazing on the grass. “There you go son, easy prey. Kill it.” Esgar looked at his father in disbelief, he was six; how was he supposed to kill a sheep with a longbow? Not to mention it’s immoral, what did the sheep ever do to deserve such a fate? “But father-“ “Kill it son. Now.” Henric’s voice was menacing, terrifying in fact. Esgar could not say no much longer, he soon used all his strength to lift the long bow and balance it against a tree. He then attempted to pull out an arrow but it resulted in spilling over the entire quiver and the arrows going everywhere. “Dammit Esgar, can’t you do anything right? Just pull and release, hurry up!” Esgar was shaking now, scared of his father’s anger. He notched the arrow as he had seen the Eldar elves in the forest do so many times, he struggled puling it back to half way and raised it slightly. His shaking hand made him swing a bit to try and aim, the weight of the bow pulling him further than he planned. Suddenly his body swung around and he fell, releasing the arrow and hearing the thud as it hit a tree. His father’s face portrayed terror as he looked at the arrow not a metre from his face. Then he turned to Esgar and his expression was angry. “What the hell are you thinking? I wake up early and take you hunting like a real man and you don’t say a word!” His father was walking slowly and menacingly towards him, “And then when I try to teach you how to fire an arrow you try to kill me?” “But father- it was an accident, I swear!” Esgar pleaded to his enraged father. “You’re lying boy! I have had it with you and your attitude!” Henric was still walking towards Esgar. “I’m sorry father! Please!” Esgar had his back to a tree and was sliding up the tree as he pedalled his little feet backwards. “Enough words Esgar, it’s time you learnt a lesson”, Henric raised his hand and swung it down, backhanding his 6 year old son, “I am your father, I brought you into this world and you shall respect me and appreciate me!” Esgar’s face was stinging, tears leapt to his eyes as his face started turning red. He looked up at his father, not believing he was related to that thing. He got up and ran, his father shouting after him. He didn’t care what his father wanted or what he was saying, all he cared about was the safety of his mother’s arms. ----|------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|------|---- “I’m winning!” Esgar yelled over his shoulder at his cousin as they raced together. He was 18 now and it was nearly time to tell his family about his plans. He was going to leave home, go travelling for a while. Explore the realm that he called home, what was the point of living somewhere if you don’t know where you are? He turned around and grabbed his 8 year old cousin in a bear hug. “I’ve got you now Linguini!” he said to his squirming brother. “You cheated Esgar!” his cousin Linguini was struggling to escape, “Come on, let’s go inside”. “You’re only sad that you lost again”, Esgar smirked as he let his brother go and led the way inside. “Boys, it’s time for lunch!” Esgar heard his mother Evalin call from the kitchen. His cousin sat next to him as their mother placed the food on the table. “Thanks mum!” the boys said together. “It’s my pleasure boys”, she was smiling at how happy her nephew and son were that day, “Henric! Come to lunch.” She called out to her husband. Henric walked out of his office and down the stairs of their large mansion on the outskirts of Ellador. He sat down in the same spot that he always does, the head of the table, and began eating his lunch without a word. Esgar looked nervously at his family and decided, he was going to tell them now.  He stood up and took a deep breath to get started, “Mum, dad, I’m 18 now and it’s time that I did something with my life”, he looked at his mum who had put down her cutlery and was paying attention and then at his father who just continued eating like nothing had occurred, “I want to travel. I want to explore Aloria! I want to know what else is out there.” Esgar looked at everyone with a huge grin on his face. “No.” It was the first word his father had said to him in weeks. “Pardon that father?” Esgar was shocked. Henric always hinted he wanted Esgar gone but now that the opportunity is there he is forbidding him.  “You will not abandon this family. We are of Noble descent, you are the oldest and as such you must take over for me when and if I die.” Henric was standing up now and looking Esgar in the eyes. “Is that all I am father? Just another one of your bloody pawns for glory?!” Esgar was sick of the way his father treated him all these years, “I’m leaving father and you have no say in it!” Esgar turned and walked to the front door. “You step out of this house and you can forget you had a family!” Henric roared from the dining room. “Esgar! Please don’t go!” He could hear his mother’s cracking voice from the door. He heard a chair scrape across the ground. “Sit down Evalin! He needs to learn, he’s nothing but an insolent fool.” His father was speaking to his mother. That was when he heard a scrape, much quieter and much faster than the previous one and he saw his cousin turn the corner and run at him. He got down on one knee as Linguini embraced him “Please don’t go Esgar. I’ll miss you so much.” He was on the verge of tears as he pleaded with Esgar. “Sorry Pasta”, Esgar would miss his little cousin but he had to leave. “One day I’ll be back for you, no matter what.” “Promise?” Pasta looked him in the eye. “I promise.” Esgar smiled at him one last time before he let go. “Good bye Pasta.” Then he walked out. He could hear his mother and Pasta sobbing as he walked down the street and turned the corner. He wasn’t going to miss this place. Not one bit. ----|------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|------|---- Esgar turned the corner of the town’s main road and looked at the dock with the huge ships tied to the pillars. He saw all the different men loading and unloading crates of food and supplies and captains yelling orders to and fro. He leapt onto the wooden dock and walked towards a ship with blue and green coloured sail. He saw a tall and buff man yelling orders to the bustling sailors aboard the ship. He stepped up next to the man and looked at him nervously. “Excuse me sir, but may I catch a ride on this boat?” Esgar said in a small voice to the frightful man. “Speak up boy!” The captain boomed at him. “May I catch a ride on this boat?” He said, louder this time. “Do you have money?” Esgar patted his pockets trying to find some silver, “No, I don’t sorry.” “Then no, you can’t catch a ride.” The captain turned back to his sailors to yell some more. “Do you need a deck hand? A cabin boy? Do you have a position you need filled?” Esgar was desperate what else could he do? “As a matter of fact, we ship out in 20 turns of the minute glass and we appear to be missing our spotter. Easy enough to do just sit in the basket on top of the mast and look at the water through a telescope and yell down if you see anything. Can you manage that boy?” The captain was looking at him and holding eye contact. “Yes sir, I can manage that”, Esgar had done it. He was going, leaving his home in Ellador. “What’s your name then boy?”  Esgar hesitated, he couldn’t use his real name after all, “Esgaroth, my name’s Esgaroth.” “Well Esgaroth, welcome to the Black Mast. We’re shipping out in five turns. Hop on board.” Esgar followed him onto the ship where the sailors were getting into position. Somewhere manning the cannons while others were sitting at the oars lining the ship, ready to safely guide the boat out to open water where it would use the wind and rudder to sail. “That’s your new home up there”, the captain pointed up at a basket mounted on the top of the mast, “Just climb the ladder up when you’re spotting and down for food and if it’s an emergency, jump.” The captain chortled to himself as he walked away. Esgar climbed up the ladder and sat back, leaning against the basket. He picked up the telescope and took a look through it, he suddenly jerked backwards as the ship began to move. He looked down at the deck and saw the lead rower chanting a sea shanty to help the rowers stay in line. Before he knew it they were out of the docks and sailing on open waters. He looked through the telescope looking for anything apart from the open water but with no such luck. His days continued like that for well over a month, nothing but plain sailing, eating and sleeping, only taking a break to use the toilets. About 5 and a half weeks after the ship had set off Esgar was leaning against his Spotters basket when he saw a shape on the horizon. He jumped up and grabbed his telescope, looking towards the shape. It was land! “Land hoe! Swing to the West!” Esgar shouted down over the edge. His heart was thumping, this was it, he had done it, and here he was starting a new life, one of adventure. He looked back to the land wondering where in Aloria he was, what the land was called and who lived there. He looked down at the ocean floor and saw it littered with what looked to be a strangely coloured rock. He was curious, he didn't know what was ahead but he knew it was better than what was behind.

(This story is not finished; it is a work in progress and a lot more will be added. At the moment this is the essentials of his younger life.)


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