Faction Lanilor
Location South-West Ellador
Race Former Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Birth year 1431
Profession Archer
Vampire Yes
Married No
2013-08-18 11.23.00

Ellyn Arizeruan

Known Relatives
Lana Arizeruan  † (sister)
Melodie Arizeruan (sister)
Darryn Loren (brother)
Soraya Loren † (sister-in-law)
Alexis Loren (niece)
Aiden Loren (nephew)
(unknown) † (mother)
(unknown) † (father)

Ellyn's Signature

-You make your way to the ancient city lanilor to find Ellyn-

-You knock on the door and a strange character opens it-

-She has pure black hair, fire red eyes, a pale skin and a light grey hood on-

-You ask her if she's the one who you are looking for-

"I'll guess you'll find it out soon enough" she says.

-You take that as a yes and she asks you to come in-

-You both sit down on a chair-

"So, you're willing to hear my story, yes?"

-You nod seriously-

(I will continue the story next time)

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