Sakura-Edos: The Capital of Edosia. Filled with houses built for only the most respected members. The castle of Edosaku-Jo stands here. Emperor: Zpade Daimyo(s): Confucius21

Kanji: The city of the undead and riches of the Earth. Built into a ravine, it has several levels accomodated to the needs of a blood-drinker. Daimyo(s): Syverus

Chikyu: A small isle with almost nothing but a wheat garden, a house, a couple of trees, and an average sized dock. Daimyo(s): Syverus

Hironeiden: A large fortress island dotted with flames and fungi. The area is built for battle with its archer holes, tall towers, and fire cannon. Daimyo(s): CRACKPOTATOE

Hinasten: A terraced village with an underground sheep farm. The town includes tow story apartments and a watch tower. This town breeds and mass-produces wool. Daimyo(s): asianspy, chalkwalk

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