Dynmap plugin


Dynmap is an installed plugin on MassiveCraft. It allows players to view all public worlds via their browser.

What is Dynmap

Dynmap allows you as player to see a world/map as an isometic or flat 2d view with some special features, like the current time of the world, the current position of the players and some more.

The dynmap of MassiveCraft is often used for various actions, like RP-Events (Treasure Hunt), creating a new faction within the 16chunk rule or searching enemies/mobs.

How to use

Simply open your browser and type and you will see the dynamic map of MassiveCraft. You can zoom in and out with you mouse wheel and you can move around by holding your left mouse button and move the mouse.

Currently you will start at the center of Ellador.


You can visit the other public worlds by moving your mouse cursor at the right side of your browser and a box will pop out. At the top of the box you can see the worlds and each has two icons. The first icon is for an isometric view of a world and the second is for a flat 2d view.


Under the world section is the player section, which contains all players who are online. You can navigate through the list by clicking the arrows or holing the mouse button. The feature of this box is, that you can click the player and dynmap will jump to the current position of the player, until he/she is not hidden.

Note: Players can hide on dynmap via the command: /dynmap hide
Note: Players can show on dynmap via the command: /dynmap show


In the middle of the top you have a clock. This clock will show you the current ingame time of the world you are viewing at. It's animated with the rotation of sun and moon.


At the top-left corner of the map is a plus and a minus sign to zoom the map. Under this function is a layer icon, that will open another box by moving your mouse cursor over it. You have the five layers which can be activated:

  • Players
  • Marker
  • WorldBorder
  • Factions
  • Mobs


You have two options to share a place/position you have found:

  • you can use the "Location"-box under the layer icon, which will give you the coordinations x,y,z of your current mouse position in the world.
  • You can also click the chain-icon Link buttonin the bottom-left corner. This action will reload the map, but the difference is, that the url bar now contains all data of your current position and you can copy this url to share the position.

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