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Hello anyone who still uses the wiki. We are making HUGE changes to Dovahkiin, with a new temporary team of leaders and ect. Check this post out for more info at a later date.

Dear Dovahkiin

Note that this is a RP series

Dear Dovahkiin,

It has been one day since I have set off through the rough sea in search of the burried city of Fretria. As I write this letter I am sailing through the Dovahkiin Ocean, and I have found some interesting places. I have found abandoned light houses with large amounts of loot. My journey goal seems far, but I am sure I will survive.



Tell me your Birthday!

Why? Here's why:

This was Batmanfive's Birthday, the General of Dovahkiin and the oldest Faction Officer:

Yeah, that was fun, thanks Strider -Batmanfive


I, Markpolner, would like to announce a new page on the Dovahkiin Wiki Catagoree! It's called Rednews, and this is how it works. Rednews is about redstone advancements in our team at Dovahkiin. HideyHole 2.0 will be the first of a new series of redstone devices called 'HideySafe'. HideySafe will advance in all things in HideyHole tech! HideyHole isn't a huge thing at the moment, such as 'HideySoftware 1.4'. Most of this is old, dead, and griefed. Rednews can be found on this page and will become central to all Dovahkiin Redstone news! Thanks!


HideyHole 2.0!

The HideyHole was invented a long time ago, before many of our current faction members were in Dovahkiin. At the moment we are running 'HideySoftware 1.4' with HideyHole 1.4 using indicators, and very primative technology! But, we are getting a new HideyHole model! This includes, HideyAlarm (auto alarm when 3 or more HideyHoles are activated) a new secret feature and HideyLock. More will come soon on this topic!


Fix the wiki!

Markpolner, a Dovahkiin officer just went through the wiki and fixed most pages up! Please help, and we'll have a great wiki for everyone to see. This fix up is simply deleting spam and placing things in better places. Thanks guys! We need to get this wiki back up.... the last post here was the Dovahkiin Weekly Report... (Never launched) before the evolution. So, comeon guys and help the wiki!

The news board was wiped to this archive page