Doctor fateburn

Doctor Fateburn

Doctor Fateburn is a character played by Nutbar2


Doctor Fateburn is a Naga, and an interesting one at that. The man, though not religious, can usually be found in or around the cathedral in Regalia. The man helps people during the day, but only to cover the questionable experiments he performs on them at night. 


  • Though without the healing powers of the Yanar, Doctor Fateburn does his best to keep people alive. He is a skilled medic because of this.
  • Doctor Fateburn only keeps said people alive so he can later use his snake-like habits and devious nature to test various poisons on them and occasionally devour them
  • Doctor Fateburn is also skilled with a blade, he uses this on his occasional hunting trips and for self-defense.
  • A little known fact about him is that Doctor Fateburn enjoys the art of witchcraft, thus creating poisons and potions in his house.

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