Deathy 2
Deathus Tyrus
Faction 9th Legion
Race Human
Profession Miner




Last Seen in

New Badru

Age 159 With the help of ancient dwarven technology.
Gender Male
Deathys House

Deathty came to Ceardia from the far north edges of minecraftia,from the land of the assassins of the light, seeking to find new allies and new enemies. When he first arrived to Ceardia he managed to build a campsite in the deep woods near SilverEdge City and live there till he find a better place to live. Day and night monsters lurking around the woods were attacking him he was a good fighter was able to fend off most of the monsters only endermen were harder for him they took all of his campsite parts while he was fighting them. But then Deathty had to move somewhere more safer he dindnt have enough money to buy any houses in SivlerEdge City so he just buyed a bed a few torches and some lunch and went off into the city sewers looking for a tiny room to sleep in. Many more great battles await him.

Afterward by Rozzelyn

Deathus Tyrus, or Deathty, went missing a while back. We have just found his crypt under a street in New Badru, now Chaos's territory. On his tombstone read

"BloodBaron will see his last day soon"

Here Lies:

Deathus Tyrus


Never Give Up.

We have no clue what all of this means, only that one of our comrades had fallen a long time ago...