David D' Dragonsbane

Faction Daemonum
Race Maiar
Profession Scavenger
Vampire No
Married No
Religion Thye
Divinity: Water,Magic,Snow and War


Age 25
Gender Male

My Story

Dragonsbane grew up an orphan. His parents where killed during an Enjambre attack, and all he had was cloths, a mystic book and a shadow dragon-scale. He escaped the orphanage at the young age of 14. He lived afterwards as a scavenger for 4 years, avoiding Enjambre and living of what he could gather. After those four years, he found a faction named Daemonum. He was caught while trying to sneak through the gates, but their leaders saw potential in him. He joined them, first living under the house of a fellow faction member. He was temporarily exiled after an incident occured between him and a leader of the faction. He was temporarily denied acces to his homes, and he travelled the worlds, feeling abandoned and lived the live of a scavenger. Few enemies could knock him out during his many marine battles. Even though he was allowed back, he still did not trust his faction members fully, except for thier leader. He eventually gained a four homes. One under a home, a house in a colony, a safehouse near the gates and a flooded ravine. He is still living in those houses, all flooded except for the colony home, and trying to find someone to teach him the secrets of the book he got from his parents (which is luckily enough waterproof). He only learned some basic cantrips, like some minor divination and conjuration spells. However, those are said to be the tip of the iceberg.


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