Faction None
Race Elf
Profession Fisherman
Vampire No
Age 32
Gender Male
Location SilverEdge usally.

My Story

I came from a village from Ceardia called Darkwest village, that is where my story started. I go into my room and hear my mom screaming from the kitchen. I see dad holding in a knife and close to put all strength in the knife and stab her. I quickly with my fisherman reflexes from my father take the knife and stab him in his neck.

He screams and says you bastard! Blood pours and he screams repeatley, before he falls to the floor and dies. My mom cries what have you done! I could have stopped, but I would never kill him!

You have killed your Dad, Why WHY! I see her grabbing the knife from my hand and then I dont remember anymore. I wake up and run from home, then I see something or someone chasing me. I get more adrenaline and run faster she throws the knife and it hits my right ankle.

I cry, What what are you you have nearly killed your son! I throw the knife on her and it drills into her stomach. I am alone forever no family nothing, I am a lonely fisherman from a village in western Ceradia. I am now in a inn and being hunted bye the sherrif from Darkwest village. I am soon only steps away from my death.


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