History of Dark Lords

Dark Lords began as two new players joined met at spawn earning money to start the faction. Soon after they made the faction, several new members wanted to join. After the leaders, XFlamelordX and jjmcm headed off with their new assosiates they went to the wilds to build. After a few nights in a cabin they were found to close to a city and had to move to a new land. This is where they met many enemies such as Dovahkin and Avgard. They survived many attempts of being discourged by the enemy but Dovahkin found a flaw in where they were building and forced the young dark lords to move. After jjmcm finding a place and moving many of his items there his friends then followed, they now sit near the edge of the map not having being once attacked.


if you want to join this faction it is suggested that you message jjmcm because he is the one mainly on. any info needed to be given shall be listed below

  • ===Date joined===
  • ===UserName===
  • ===History of factions===
  • ===Reason of joining===
  • ===a job that you belive you can be good at===
  • ===Any friends on the server===


  • 1st of May 2012- faction started from cash earned by owners, by jjmcm selling vampire infection
  • 3rd of May 2012- moved base to new location
  • 10th of May 2012- moved base to new location, 2nd time
  • 16th of May 2012- jmcm made this article on the massivecraft wiki

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