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Dan Hawkthorn

Faction Wolfclaw
Race Elf
Profession Warrior and former Innkeeper of Renascentia
Vampire No
Married No
Religion None
Not specified


New Cerdia, Unknown
Age 15
Gender Male

My Story

Hello, I'm Dan Hawkthorn. I am a descendent of Knight Hawkthorn who used to serve the King. My father, Kazua Hawkthorn, was killed in battle protecting the king when I was at the age of 4. However the king has died as well and now the kingdom has been taken over by Vampires. A decade has past and by the age of 14, starting adventures at such a young age helped me learn more and more about the world and the history of my kingdom and who I am. During my travels to find more books on My Kingdom, I found Will Wolfclaw, out in the ocean, floating on a piece of wood. I took him back into an abandoned house and took care of him there.

While Will and I were travelling, we found a faction named Renascentia, a friendly and strong faction across the mountains. The landscape, the building, everything in Renascentia is breathtakingly beautiful of what they have made, built and explored. Unfortunately, a faction called Tripeaks, a viking tribe, has slaughtered our citizens and declared war. We have teamed up with other factions who are also declared war with Tripeaks as well. The more we unite, the Tripeaks will never stand a chance! Days later, the faction, Tripeaks, and our faction, Renascentia, has now formed an aliiance with each other. I am glad that war has been avoided and bloodshed wont be needed. I am proud that we have never have to face another war. Or will we face another war yet again?

I have met a stranger while I was at the Golden Willow with Will. She had brown hair and an outfit with blue and yellow one piece and a white cross within the middle of her chest. She told me about this contract I have signed a few months ago, or maybe years... A man called Lethian, an evil ruler of the Elf land called Alfiem, has discovered that I have escaped from the assassination of the King and my father and also with an alliance with the Vampires. Only trouble is that Will is still sufferring from memory loss and he is trying to find why the shipwreck happened and before that. We shall grow stronger and strong enough that no-one is able to take us down.

My journey still continues as the old faction, Renascentia, became abandoned. I reunite with Will and set out to more about our past. May the Elven god Andria bless us.

Dan Hawkthorn


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