This is the page for any daily creeper articles made by the wiki to promote itself on Massivecraft. I'm thinking that if we each type up a version or article we like, then merge the best of them, we'll have a damn good article. That, or have sections and each person writes about a section and we then compile the whole thing. Now, I'll be working on making such an article asap, but don't have time now (massivecraft is too addicting lol). Anyone who wants to make a article just put ur version here like this example:

Title, By

Introduction to wiki.

What's already here.

How others can help.

Request for all people to aid us with the wiki.

The Massive Encyclopedia, MasterMachine

(I'm bad at this stuff)

Massivecraft is a mighty place and has much information about it. The Encyclopedia is a massive collection of information, with many contributors and everything you need to know about the mighty Massivecraft server.

On the Massivecraft Wiki, aka, the Massive Encyclopedia, you can find detailed lists of factions, their members, and their abilities and powers. You can find informationals on the users of massivecraft, as well as on their status as a troll/griefer or a thief or an honorary hero or anything else you could want to know about them. Always moniterred and expanded and revised, the massive Encyclopedia is an accurate source for these kinds of information. You can learn how to begin your stay on massivecraft, master your knoledge of money and economics, or even learn how to become a vampire! Skip the embarrsing need to ask questions no one likes in global, and just come here to find out, we've got all the information in a easy to follow layout.

However, all good things have a flaw. We need help. The people who use the Encyclopedia now aren't able to expand it and keep it up to date on their own. They, no, WE need your help to make the wiki an accurate, up to date, and effective tool for all users of massivecraft. Feel free to stop by and add something, maybe a troll who griefed you, or a thief who stole your money and didn't give you what you were paying for. Perhaps you want to get your factions name out there, the wiki is a great place to start. Want to give the server admin ideas about how to make improvements? We've got a page for that. Got a bug that needs fixing? We have a page for that! Want to socialize with buddied but unable to get on the server? We have talk pages and chats for that! So why don't you come and help us make the Massivecraft Wiki the single best place for all your massivecraft informational needs!

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