Cyan from outside


Cyan "The Revival of a Kingdom"

Cyan started out as an attempt at making a small, peaceful sub-faction by Tom633. However, his original attempts at recruiting failed and, for a very long time, Cyan remained frozen-untouched. Then, a good three months after abandonement, Tom633 came back and attempted to recruit again. On this second attempt, he managed to recruit ten dedicated members. Cyan consists mostly of average workers and explorers

Current Status and Projects

Cyan is currently located at Cyan Lake and the surrounding area. The faction's main city is guarded by a large wooden palisade (wall), with two main gates, one pointing toward SilverEdge near the Magenta-SilverEdge road and the other one pointing toward Old Magenta Kingdom. Cyan currently has about 16 members, and about 13 buildings, including Old Magenta Watchtower (restored and back in operation), several member houses, a farmhouse, the "Owner's Estate", a Forge, a faction home building (In Daendroc through a portal), and an Inn. Currently, there are more houses and a cathedral (The Church of Cyanesseus) under construction. Cyan's only enemies are the inactive factions McDonalds and Assassins, and The Requiem Empire's main foe, ShadowWave.


Cyan has always been loyal to the Pinkcraftian Empire, where it lays its roots, and will continue its loyalty. Cyan is also allies with the Requiem empire, to which it owes much thanks for protection and support. Other allies include Arcarus.

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