Faction Osion
Race Human
Profession Mason, miner
Vampire No


Age 19
Gender Male
File:2011-12-26 12.26.00.png

My Story

Born in a distant land. The person known as CreativeSpacer rose to prominence as a merchant in the distant city of Vorge. He earned a reputation as a skilled trader and artisan. When the empire sought to expand it's empire and trade routes the Doge of Vorge selected him to head an expedition into uncharted waters. While sailing west his ship was caught in a storm and crashed on the rocks of Ceardia's eastern coast. When he recovered he trekked into Ceardia's heart and, surviving in the wilderness for several days, came across a caravan heading for Ventari territory.

He met Mecharic at a harbour. The two of them felt as though they had known each ofter and being told of the recent civil war he agreed to join Mecharic on a journey to new Rosailic. Once arriving CreativeSpacer imediately set out to prove his worth and over the next few weeks he settled in and felt comfortable in his new setting, almost forgetting about his previous life in Vorge. Occasionally he would send and recieve messages by carrier pigeon about life in Vorge but he thought remained - his new life was here in Ceardian and in New Rosailic.


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