Currently, there are  eight worlds on MassiveCraft and one mysterious realm. These worlds, in order from oldest to youngest, are as follows: Captcha, Daendroc, Ellador, Gana-Isha, Ithania, Regalia, Kelmoria, and New Ceardia. Ceardia, Prospera, and SilverWind are old worlds not used anymore, except Silverwind in the goldmine quest.  More worlds will be coming out soon, including Faradeen, a desert world, Hadar, a water world, Jorrhildr, an Arctic ice world, and the "Dark Realm" a world in which it is always night. 
All of The Worlds 3-5-13

A list of the Worlds.


This is the normal minecraft world. It is normally generated with a "Vanilla"-Minecraft generator on the Version 1.8. Ceardia was deleted recently, due to extreme griefing, and general expenditure of resources. 

Ceardia is the oldest world on Massivecraft. It houses the ruins of many great factions, from The First Pristina Empire and the Farmlands to many hundreds of factions whose names have long since been forgotten. Ceardia houses Silver Edge City, the Capital of the Server (until Regalia is released) and the current center of the Massivecraft World. Ceardia, being a naturally generated world, contains the most biomes of any massivecraft world. Since it was generated in the 1.8 version of Minecraft, it does not have the Jungle Biome. However, being the oldest, this world is also the world with the largest amount of lore. It's capitol city, Silver Edge, is a vast town housing many faction embassies and shops. The Mayor of Silver Edge is Ninjabaver (who also happens to be a server owner).

The Humans and the undead are native to this world.

This world was deleted.


This is a world with TerrainControl structures, biomes, and custom spawning. It is customly made by the Massivecraft-Team, while Wessexstock was/is the lead-architect.

Deandroc is a jungle world. It was built to replicate Madagascar, complete with Thorn Acacia Trees and Baobob Trees. Deandroc was once inhabited by a now-extinct race of creeper worshiping people. Their cities still dot the landscape with ruins, usually hidden within the vast and difficult to traverse jungles. In this world you can find several primary biomes: Jungle, Savanna, Mushroom, Mountain, Plateau, and Mangrove. All of these biomes are, in Deandroc, artificial.This was the first worlds that was built using worldedit.

The Tigran, Elven, and Yanar races are native to this world. As well, orcs were ship-wrecked on Daendroc long ago and are considered to be semi-native to this World.

Deandroc's capital city is Daenshore, a small town on the edge of the vast ocean that divides it from Ceardia to the North-East. Daenshore's mayor is Firesoap.


Ellador is a cold and icy northern world consisting of three distinct continents and many different islands. The three
continents are the North Continent (home of the Nordic People), the South East Continent, and the South West Continent. There are several distinct biomes on Ellador: Mountain, Glacier, Pine Forest, Birch Forest, Swamp, and Floating Mountain. This world was built with worldedit, and has roadways that connect much of the land. This is also a world that can lay claim to its own Blimp System, with a blimp to each continent and a blimp at the Island.

Dwarves and Frostmorn are native to this world.

The Capital of this world is Island, and is marked out by a blimp station and a few ships and tents.


Gana-Isha is a fiery underworld of hellish lava oceans and red skies. A little explored world, it is home to the Agni, a race of magma beings that do not like intruders. Other inhabitants include Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, and Blazes. This is a world hidden deep below the surface of the others. It can only be accessed through the Great Portal of Gana-Isha (use /warp nether). There is no real capital for this world, as the people who first tried to settle it attempted to control it, and were destroyed swiftly by the Agni and other native creatures. People have yet to discover if the Agni have their own capital hidden below the surface of the lava.

Agni are native to this world.


SilverWind is the great Port of Massivecraft. Located on an island in the middle of the ocean, SilverWind has ships to each and every known world, as well as to worlds not yet discovered. As center of travel, this port city has seen better days. Back when its goldmine was still in use, it prospered greatly. This goldmine is now an instance where you can discover new things. The city's primary purpose is as the entrance point for all new members and as the hub for inter-world travel. SilverWind will lead to every world the Team creates. Silverwind only exists in the goldmine quest. 


Regalia is the true capital of Massivecraft. It is the largest city on the server, large enough to warrant its own world. This city is a center of trade, travel, role play, and politics. When it becomes active, it will serve as the new spawn point for new players (as well as the /spawn warp). The houses in this city can be purchased by individuals for silver, or rented. This city's purpose is roleplay.

Captcha - The dream world

The Captcha is the mysterious beginning of everyone at the worlds of massivecraft. It gives the new players a short hint what worlds are around and is fully handmade by the Team.


Ithania was the first world to be created with the use of WorldPainter. Ninjabaver made excellent terrain, including giant rock cliffs, snow valleys, woodland plains, tropical islands and one giant volcano towards the south. This world has been assigned no official races yet, thus it being recently new. The Capital of Ithania is the colony of Havenreach, which is run and built by NinjaBaver himself. 



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