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The small difference

Of truth and rumour.

The humans, dwarves and elves have been discovered in this world and we have gathered knowledge about them. Some of the knowledge is about creatures, cultures, beasts or unique races...but it was never proven to be 100% true.

This is why this part of the great encyclopedia was opened to the citizens of Silveredge and the colonies.

Note- non Rp comment

This is a category to list your Inventions of races that you play as or have seen in your explorations. This can be truly fantasy, nothing is too away from being a race. Please avoid posting anothers Idea without his/her permission.

Besides that, if a race get's implemented (which can happen) it will switch Category.

We need your knowledge, we really do! We rely on you to add more knowledge to the great encyclopedia and we are sure you will increase our knowledge!