In MassiveCraft, you can choose several ways to travel. As a player of a role-play universe, you are able to use many different transportation options, such as a boat, minecraft ship, or your own two feet. The fantasy element of the server includes some magical travel portals, which will take you from one point to another instantaneously.

Note: The blimps, ships and warps are offically built by the server and will always work.

By Foot

Thecacher riding pig

You are always able to walk. It takes time to walk through a whole world, but we apprectiate when you walk to help improve the role-play aspect of the server.

By Ships

Ellador citizens ship

Ship, ahoy! You can travel with ships, which are in the ports RegaliaSilverwind, and Silver Edge City . Walk underneath the deck to be teleported to the port it is sailing to.

see Ships and Regalia

By Blimps

Blimp to south west

Currently you will find the blimp system installed in Ellador. There is a blimp next to the spawn to which leads to the blimp port. Via the blimp port, you can travel to three other blimps in the world of Ellador.

see blimp system and blimps

By Warps

Warp nether1

You will find some Warps, which looks like the nether portals. One is for example in Silver Edge City, beside the spawn and is mainly used for great events (Food Festival).

see Warps

By Teleports

CreativeGates Portals

There is a plugin called Creative Gates, that allowes players to create their own portals to travel with, i.e. fast travel between the faction base and a faction outpost. It can be used and built by all players with the needed resources, but only activated by a premium player.

see Creative Gates

By Universe

Multiverse Core
The server allows you to enter several universes, such as the mini game universe. You can enter this universe by travelling to the multiverse hub. This hub can be entered by the command "/mspawn". Within the hub you will find gates that teleport you to the different universes.

By Command

Based on some plugins you are able to use command to travel from point to point.

  • /spawn
    • Will teleport you to the spawn of the world you are in.
  • /uspawn
    • Will teleport you to the server spawn in Regallia.
  • /mspawn
    • Will teleport you to the Multiverse spawn.
  • /warp <location>
    • Will warp you to the location, see Warps for all warps or type ingame: /warp list
  • /f home
    • Will take you to your faction home (you need to be in a faction and the faction has to set a faction home)
  • /home
    • Will take you to your bed (you have to right-click a bed)

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