All these Religions

Religions are as diverse as the people who practice them, here recorded are some of the most practiced religions you will encounter throughout the world.

When you walk around in SilverEdge or Silverwind, you may stumble upon people praying to their god(s) and trying to convert you to their religion. It can also happen that a prayer to the right gods can save you from harm...

There are many... Who to choose?

For almost as many creatures live in the universe, there are different gods which protect them, or that they think do...

So on these pages of the encyclopedia you can see many religions from obscure deities believed in by a lone village or a great omnipotent power believed in by an entire continent.

The Followers of Chet

This religion is on a seperate page. The Followers of Chet


Primarch: Cayorion

Known Followers: Bsavs,Sidrakitty

Beliefs: Cayorionists live in an oasis of the mind, a tranquilty only felt by those who are true to the creator of all, Cayorion. Cayorions are of peaceful origins, but resort to war in order to smite the heretics that are against Cayorion.

The founding of this religion lies with the Word of Cay, Bsavs. Cayorionism offers a tranquil, Clandestine and Whimsical creed for believers to follow. Bsavs began to hear the word of Cay after a terrible storm, the events that followed were recorded in a chronicle by the same. The story unravells as follows:

"One night as I, Bsavs, was walking home from a day in the fields, a storm began to brew. This was no ordinary storm though. The wind was blowing strong, the clouds were moving at speeds I had never seen before. Soon it was as if the whole sky opened up above me as bolts of lightning came down and the sky let loose a mighty roar of thunder. I prayed to any heavenly being to save me from this wretched death that was sure to befall me. The next thing I knew lightning had struck me. I woke up after a period of time unbeknowst to me. I had a fearsome headache, but the rest of my body was intact. I asked myself 'How could this happen? Am I no longer living?' Soon the pain in the back of my head blossomed and changed and then it came more powerful thean anything before. The single most important event in my life. I heard the voice of our benevolent creator Cayorion! His voice was that of a lion's roar and a dove's sweet song. It was a deadly beauty. What he told me exactly I shall never say. To sum up his mighty words, he instructed me to form together all those still loyal to him and that together we would strike down the heretics who plagued all of Ceardia and Daendroc."

Rituals: Cayorionistic saying: "May Cay be with you in your travels"


Primarch: A giant gold Creeper that will destroy all of Minecraftia 

Known FollowersRozzelyn, Hooli21, Slayer0323, Deathty, Tubbytundra, nleer410

Beliefs: Creeperism fundamentally detests Cayorionism and has expressed intent to persecute any of its followers as a consequence of the other religion's relentless view and discrimination of other religions. Above any specific enmity towards other religions though, Creeperism simply believes that the world will eventually burn and collapse into chaos, leaving behind a world only habitable by vampires

Rituals: Followers of Creeperism are known to have established a centralised place of worship: Church of the Creeper Block, New Badru.


Primarch: Cayorion

Known Followers: Nordlord

Beliefs: The spiritual journey and perspective of MassiveCraft. Created by NordLord1. We believe in the teachings of Cayorionism as our fundemental portion of our religion. We were founded when some of us were taught of Cayorionism and decided to elaborate on it to fit our personal beliefs. We believe the most exalted of the people are called Elders, seemed to have been chosen by the great Cayorion. We also worship ninjabaver for ending his wife's life in an attempt to stop Vampirism, (None of this has been proven, just what I believe...) I, NordLord1 created this religion named after me. As I did create it. You may choose to worship me but please turn your heads towards Cayorionism, the true creator and his loyal Elders chosen to spread his word. We also believe that vampires are blasphemous as they believe in dark magic and the evil that MrsBaver spread... But please do not consider Bsavs as blasphemy. He was infected by accident and now he believes in dark magic. The only reason for not doing so is that he created Cayorionism. Also I would like to add that Creeperism is a cult as they are the survivors of the cultists that once lived in Daendroc but died out as the vengeance and the fury of Cay destroyed them all.

The Sect of Ravinia

Founder: Ancient Beings

Primarch: Breeze615

Philosophy/Mentality: Ravinians have been given divine right to eliminate all unholy beings who pose a threat to our way of life.

Age: Dates back to times when Ceardia was just discovered.

Beliefs: Ravinians believe that it is divine role to protect entire civilizations on their personal wit, cunning, intelligence, speech craft, agility, and stealthiness. Followers of The Sect undergo intense training in stealth skills in the ruins of an ancient temple hidden away in the mountains. This training is observed and conducted by the Apprenrentice's appointed Mentor. Once training is completed the Apprentice is assigned a city or faction to safeguard from corruption and unholiness. If they should observe acts of corruption or unholiness they have full permission to assassinate the ringleader and any followers of this act.

Backstory: In ancient times their were three corrupted rulers known as the Wither Priests. They had once been wise and noble leaders who shared leadership of an empire between each of their three cities. However, during a mining operation a miner discovered three Wither Skulls cased in glass. The three rulers immediately head out to see the skulls and arrived shortly. After a unanimous vote to take the Wither Skulls they decided they would each wear one as their crown. Little did they know each skull contained the spirit of the unholy Wither that would influence the wearer to do its bidding. When each of the rulers returned to it's city they all put on their crowns. As soon as they did the unholy spirit took control of the rulers' minds. Quickly the rulers reassembled in the center of their empire; and with the unholy power granted to them by the skulls they summoned a 'T' formation of Soul Sand from the deepest abyss of the Nether with a resounding clap of thunder. The rulers them removed their wither skulls and placed them atop the Soul Sand. And thus the Wither formed. The Wither didn't give a second though to kill the three foolish rulers who had unkmowingly turned into the first Wither Priests. In the mountains to the far East, a wise man sensed a disturbance. As quickly as he could he left his temple and rushed across the land and slew the beast, and took the skulls as his prize. Years later he gave the skulls to his three children. With the help of their father they mastered the art of mind and put on the skulls. They built a temple around the Soul Sand formation and thus began the temple of Ravinia. There they vowed to only take off the skulls to pass on to their children and use the power of the Wither to strike out against cruelty and injustice. Centuries later mountains formed over the temple. There still remains one Wither Priest: Breeze615 and he looks for brethren to become Wither Priests by his side and for followers of Ravinia. It is said that if three Wither Priests powerful enough gather at the ancient temple of Ravinia and place their crowns atop the Soul Sand, they could summon a Wither in which each priest had control of 1/3 of it.


  • At every clap of thunder say "May the Priests remain pure." In remembrance of the first Wither Priests who summoned Soul Sand with a clap of thunder.
  • Wearing a skeleton skull never to be taken off except during meetings with other Ravinians.
  • Honoring the three Wither Priests who wear Wither Skulls.
  • Striking out against all injustices, and unholiness.
  • Gathering at the hidden temple every last day of every month to praise the Wither Priests and selecting elite Ravinians to mentor apprentices, and choose new apprencices who follow our traditions to be trained.

Note: Anyone can be a Ravinian and you don't need to be trained to be one. However if you wish to be trained contact any trained Ravinian or Breeze himself. Proof of training is a certificate (book & quill) signed by Breeze.

Note 2: The Sect of Ravinia revolves around treating EVERYONE as equals. This includes vampires. Unholiness isn't unnatural beings unholiness is unnatural powers being used for evil. Any Ravninan vampires will be fully protected by other Ravinians.


Founder: The People

Followers: Mecharic

Basic Mentality: We are One Being.

Age: Older then Creeperism

Beliefs: Unificism believes that all things are one. That tree, that rock, that person, that dog. All entities are merely facets of the One Being, a being that is ever changing and ever growing as time passes. Wars, violence, killing, these things are all okay because you are killing other parts of yourself, and in doing so you are becoming more mature as the One Being. Pain teaches, love teaches, power teaches. Eventually, you will die and become an actual part of the One Being. Then your body is nothing anymore except meat to feed the next generation. You can plant it to produce food for tree and the people who rely on them for shelter. You can eat it directly, transferring your strength into the next generation in that manner. It is irrelevant, because all things are part of the One Being. You eat bread, you are eating yourself. You mine a rock, you have broken yourself. You kill an enemy, you have killed yourself. But at the same time you have been killed by yourself. Everything and everyone is nothing more then the One Being.

Unificism was the Religion of The People, Mecharic's native population. They were destroyed by the Trollrial, leaving only Mecharic as the last teacher of the great and wonderful religion of peace, war, and acceptance of all things.


Main Belief and Story: The world was formed by The Creator, Cyanesseus, in hopes of creating a perfect society, where there were no alliances and no enemies. A world of total neutrality. However, this did not work, and fights arose immediately over how to keep one kingdom from getting too much powerful and abusing the rule of neutrality. This powerful kingdom was known as Ignis-Mundi. Because of neutrality, they were able to take weapons from the other kingdoms withought them being able to fight back. These other kingdoms, Frigidus, Terratueri, and Opeslignum, were too afraid of the powerful Ignis-Mundiese people to fight back and take their weapons. In order to avert war, The Creator told the people to practice total neutrality, but with an amendment. IF the need arose, The Creator allowed the people to form alliances and strike down the oppressor withought hesitation.

Followers: all Cyanians and a few outside cultures

Place(s) of Worship: The true Cyanians practice Cyanism at the Church of Cyanesseus

The Roman Pantheon

The Gods have always been there. They will allways exist. They have formed the Nether as a place to live, but it was wrecked by the Evil Titans. Now only the Titans live in the Nether, guiding its evil twisted-minded inhabitans.

The Gods then created the world and after a while they created the continents of Ceardia, Daendroc and Ellador.

There are not many out there who are still believing... Some in the 9thLegion, some in Byzanthium and some in Rome, although I'm unsure about Rome...

The true gods can be named and have powers:

  • Jupiter gives us the power to teleport from time to time to our temple...
  • Juno gives us wings to fly home....
  • Mars gives us strength for fighting...
  • And Neptune helps us in travelling the sea...


Patriarch: Odhor

Beliefs: We belive in the nordic god Odhor.The warrior god. When you hear thunder it is not thunder it is Odhor that kills Evil vampire lords and zombies and foes.With his mighty enchanted sword. If you belive in him and follow his rules you will one day come to Ashdugard and live forever in the Castle Bastgard and wander in the Forest Thundergard and have a happy life with good powers.But if you are an evil vampire you will be tortured by the evil shadows when you die. To build an altar place a cobble stone block with a redstone torch and place a sign on the side and type odhors altar.

Rituals and Sins:

1) Do not become an vampire.

2) Sacrifice a sapling every time you hear thunder.

3) Kill the factions that dont like you. The god will help you in battle if you have a snowball in your inventory.

May Odhor be with you.


Patriarch: Nynthias

Beliefs: This religion has been here since the dawning of time, The religion that lets you be at peace with the world and everything that's in it. To be surrounded by nature and wildlife, forests and lakes, jungles and oceans...

We all belive in Nynthias the female god of nature, the one that lets you be at peace with your soul when you are angry, the one that cheers you up when you are sad. She created all and can take it all away if she wishes so, but she belives that must never happen.

This Religion is the perfect religion for all Elves, Dwarfs and Nymphs. But all creatures are welcome, from Humans - Vampires, Orcs - Pixies!

Everyone can join, it is ... Fate.

KotF (Knights of the Fonz)

Koft has recently been brought to this world by its old head priest. Kotf past stretches far and deep in lands long forgoten and has helped to shape,build and destroy nations. Many who have joined KotF have felt a kinship to their other members and feel part of something bigger. The only known way to seek entrence into this holy order and religion is to seek out a head priest and take a sacred oath.

The beliefs of KotF are:1. Always uphold the law of the land and of your ruler.

2.All men are created differently but are able to build themselves up to what ever they want.

3.Help all those in need whether it be dire or not, and treat them like you would treat any others of the Faith

4.In times of war it is our sacred duty to protect the weak and innocent despite their beliefs and past grievences against you.

5.The presecution of a person for their beliefs is not what we teach.

6.Love thy life,thy world, thy kingdom, and thy sacred duty to them


Patriarchs: Vladimyr, Count Dracol, 'Nightinio, Namrednels, and The Drak Banshee

Beliefs: Vampirism is the religion that belives that vampires are the true race and that as such are netitled to rule the world. They belive in 4 vampire gods, the first of which is Called Vladimyr, god of vampire blood. The number two is called Count Dracol who transforms others into vampires. The third one is called Nightinio who is the god of the vampire powers and darkness.The fourth one is called Namrednels who is the god of fear and terror and is often represented as tall with unnaturally long arms.

Next to the four vampire gods there are also ten unknown gods.

They also worship The Dark  Banshee for creating the ultimate race. They belive one day she will turn into a vampire, starting the day of annhilation, the day when all vampires unit to destroy the world leaving ony vampires, and human slaves. 

Rituals: Followers of the vamipirc gods often perform ritualistic prayers in front of shrines. These are simple constructs consisting of a netherrack block with a torch crowning its top and a sign that shows what god the altar is for. They also perform sick sacrifices on the altars to the Drak Banshee. They are more commonly known as drak altars.

The Holy Order of Legionnaires

Legionnaires share a simalar belief to the Roman Pantheon. They do differ however in that they praise the Elders (who came before our time such as Neptune?). Legionnaires perform certain rituals to praise the Elders. Such a ritual is the Skull Ritual.

The Skull Ritual sees a Legionnaire draw blood from himself/herself and spraying this offering over a Legionnaire's Shrine. These shrines to the Elders are usually built within a Legionnaire's home. They then proceed to chant the words: "Oh Elders who came before our time, please lend me your power, please give me knowledge, please give me your blessing"

Roma Outpost - Karthago

Sacred place to the order

There are many Legionnaires within this realm, most of which are concentrated within the holy lands, the capital city of 9thLegion, Roma.

Though unconfirmed, there are rumours and whispers that one of the order's high priests is Oliver Flåmus (1oliverbear).

Legionnaires have been known to support vampires.

Praying: During the morning a legionnaire prays to Neptune, at miday they pray to Mara, and at night the men and women of the Holy Order of Legionnaires pray to Juno.

There are a few known locations that are sacred to the Order. Such places include the Roma Temple built by Neptune himself, and the old capitail of New Badru, Karthgroth        

The Light

Deity: The light. Some followers of this great religion personify it, while others think of it fully supernatural, while a other sects believes that it is the essence of all good, kind, and light itself.

Founder(s): A single founder is disagreed on as there are so many branches and twists of this religion. Many credit its founding to the old preists of light.

Followers: The Village of Brightshore/ DIP

Basic Rituals: Praying infront of an Altar of Light, which is known to rejuvenate followers, scorch vampires, craft holy water, and do many more mystical things. There are also many different Holy days in different branches of the religion, and certain sects have Holy days about the same thing at different times!

Old(er) beliefs: To be good to everyone around you, preform good deeds, trade fairly, hold open doors, and do random acts of kindness. Also praying infront of an Altar of Light frequently and sacrificing basic things like coal, wood, stone, and gold if you can afford it. Many more beliefs and festivals are not preformed by all believers and some sadly, have been lost to time or just not documented. (Add More)

Newer beliefs: (Championed by many groups of Vampire slayers) Though the old beliefs are great, like they're fine, but now a dark evil has descended over the world. People are being enslaved by darkness, Ms. Baver is attacking Factions and individuals and vampires roam in secret caverns drinking the blood of animals.....and people turning them into monsters as well. Champion The Light with prayers and gifts; but also with Wooden stakes, and holy water. Train to be a knight of The Light, sharpen stakes, brew holy water, slay vampires, and find the sword of Light before it is too late.

Places of Worship: In front of any altar of light however grand or small, even infront of a wooden sword or table if that is all you have. However, two of the greatest churches with the most powerful altars are the main Cathedral in Algaron and the Cathedral in SilverEdge.                                                  


Gods: Maros (The Warrior God) Sarok (The King Of The Gods) Raad (The Vampire God) Turak (The Vampire Slayer God) Huria (The Queen Of The Gods) Dero (The God Of Death) And too many more to mention.

Founders: Batmanfive , meapgirl, Cheese404

Legends: The most well known Mortaur legend is that of Raad the Vampire God and Turak the Slayer God : Two twins born of the god Sarok. As soon as they were born, they began to fight, each determined to end the other. As they are both gods, neither has so far succeeded, but if they ever do, it will change the world forever...

Beliefs: Mortaurs believe in a race of gods up above. They believe that these gods will guide them in their life. A Mortaur must have a strong sense of honour above all else, this drives them to protect the poor, the rich and anyone else who needs their help. Mortuar priests teach that killing is wrong unless absolutely nessecary. They believe that all beings have a right to live and that honour must be upheld at all costs. They also believe that no-one should ever be forced into Mortaurism. 

Mortuarism orginiated in Dovahkiin at the Holy Church Of Mortaurism but has since been growing massively with many converts each day.

Rituals: Mortuars pray to whichever god/godess they need the help of. They often make sacrifices, but never living ones.

Places of worship: The Holy Church Of Mortaurism in Dovahkiin and anywhere else that feels like it has power given by the gods.

Phrases: (Before Battle) Maros, give me the strength to uphold our honour!/ For Sarok! (Death of an ally) May Dero have mercy upon your soul.


Gods: Kiegrain (Gralious, Dragon of the Fields and Flowers, Zarthrax, Dragon of All War, Ocarious, Dragon of the Dark Skies) *Kiegrain has three aspects, and as a three-headed dragon, each head contains an aspect.

Founders: Zainiadragon, Zack9699

Beliefs:   To be fair to all.

Rituals: Praying at an altar of light or darkness, carriying holy items.

Places of Worship: An altar of light for Gralious, and altar of Darkness for Ocarious, and a battlefield for Zarthrax.


Deity: None

Founder: Captain Silver Albatross


  • There is a God or multiple Gods somewhere, but they have long abandoned us and left us alone in the universe.
  • More planets and distant lands exist, but are too far away from us to ever know more about without proper investigation.
  • The Dark is in fact a parasitic virus, and if you stay there too long you will be absorbed and become an evil warrior.
  • Those who have died fully comprehending the lifestyle and philosophy of the Viatorans ascend to a higher state of mind, known as a Tenebrosi Phoenix; a warrior devoted to peace and safety.
  • Death is not permanent, but simply a rest until a new time known as Viatorus Tempus.
  • Violence is a sign of impurity unless in the name of the Viatoran Cause.
  • Curing Vampirism is considered an act of mercy, but slaying vampires is frowned upon (yet not punishable).

​Rituals: Usually do extreme or illegal acts for recognition of the Viatoran Philosophy, and have been known to even threaten or attack officials going against the common beliefs. Also known to be destined to stay forever nomadic.

Motto: Tempus Mortis

Known Believers: 

Headquarters: Currently unknown

the redism

More info on the wiki page.

Solarianism/Madriganism (The Church of Madriga and Sol)

Deity: Sol, The Goddess of the Sun. Madriga, The Goddess of the Moon.

Founder: Unknown

Followers: Due to the many ways to interpret the Celestial Quadrants, Soladriganism has been seen in one form or another in the keeps of rich lords, to underground cults that worship in secret.

Rituals: There are no set rituals that the Church at large preforms, but each branch ocassionally adds their own traditions.

Beliefs: The Church of Madriga and Sol (or Soladriganism) is a strange religion insofar as that it contains no genesis mythos, nor a solid view on the afterlife. In fact the Church went at length during it's time to state that any and all views of the afterlife are valid beliefs. The Church holds that the entire world is divided between lighter aspects and darker anticipations, even the goddesses themselves. This division between the two divines and their Aspects and Anticipations make a quadrant which all followers of Soladriganism interperet in one fashion or another.

Aspects: The lighter sides of the goddesses, these are the most worshipped with altars to Light and Courage being the most popular to those non-devoted worshipers.

Light and Courage: The Aspect of Sol, this quadrant symbolizes the values of daring, hope, justice, and the celestial element of Light.
Water and Peace: The Aspect of Madgria, this quadrant symbolizes the values of calm, understanding, knowledge, and the natural element of Water.

Anticipations: The darker side of the goddesses, these are the least worshiped by non-devoted followers, with the quadrant Shadow and Fear often being viewed by outsiders as "pure evil".

Fire and War: The Anticipation of Sol, this quadrant symbolizes the values of hate, reverie, chaos, and the natural element of Fire.
Shadow and Fear: The Anticipation of Madriga, this quadrant symbolizes the values of anxiety, hopelessness, self-depreciation, and the celestial element of Shadow.

Sects and Branches: Many sects and branch organizations of the Church of Madriga and Sol have sprouted. This has sometimes been a blessing, and a curse. The first-known sect of the chuch was of course churches devoted singularly to either goddess. This has allowed priests of either order to focus more closely on their chosen Aspects or Anticipations, allowing a more full understanding of each. Other sects have deep esoteric philosophies about the quadrants and how they work in the world.

Current Sects:
The Order of Sol: A very human influenced sect that believes the Anticipations are the embodiment of evil, and must be cleansed before true enlightenment can be achieved. This sect employs holy warriors called Solautus to hunt down the undead (Mortis Dai, Mortis Fel, Mortis Kul, "zombies", skeletons, ghasts, zombie pigs), vampires, Anticipations of Madriga (Endermen), Anticipates of Sol (Blazemen, Magma Cubes), as well as anyone of another sect who worships these Anticipations.
Rituals: The Order of Sol celebrates the Summer Solstice Celebration (July 21st), the Winter Solstice Vigil (December 21st), and has no marriage rituals as it is seen as unnecessary.