The server of MassiveCraft runs CraftBukkit, where you can install plugins. Plugins are able, for example to change crafting recipes, to add new elements or to change the game mechanic of MineCraft. The mix of the installed plugins and the settings makes MassiveCraft unique among all (medieval) multiplayer servers.

The wiki is at some points divided into two parts at one topic like Factions. The wiki contains a Factions page, where all informations about the usage is described and a Factions Category, where all the created factions are listed with mainly role-play elements.

Installed Plugins

  • McMMO (levels your skills in Archery, Mining, etc.)
  • MassiveChat (to send text messages to other players)
  • Factions (create a faction, with protected territory)
  • Races (you are able to choose a race)
  • Vampires (you can turn into a vampire)
  • Chest Locking (privatize/lock your chests)
  • Cannons (create cannons and fire them)
  • Creative Gates (create a portal to teleport)
  • HawkEye (track container transactions, block changes, etc.)
  • MassiveMoney (Regal used for transactions between server, players, and factions.)
  • Chest Shops (buy/sell at chests)
  • Fence Gates (you can create a working gate out of fences)
  • World Map (see all worlds via internet browser)
  • Unique Recipes (changes the recipes of MassiveCraft)
  • Sit in Stairs (right-click a stair and you sit in it)
  • War! (pvp-zones with custom instances, where all skills/abilities are disabled)
  • TerrainControl (custom generated worlds)
  • McCore (allows you to travel within a multiworld)
  • MassiveBooks (copying books, unlocking locked books for more editing, etc.)
  • MassiveHat (allows players to wear nearly all kind of blocks on their head)
  • MassiveFriends (allows players to add/remove other players as friends and see when they are online)

Removed Plugins

Uninstalling plugins could sometimes happen, because the author of the plugin doesn't develop the plugin anymore (outdated) or it went buggy or isn't compatible anymore with the other plugins.

  • Original Economy Plugin (Replaced with MassiveMoney)
  • MobTamer (Bugs and Lag)
  • MassiveMusic (Thematic aesthetic music removed for lag)

It's archived, that sometimes plugins are disabled for a longer time, because the author needs more time to update the plugin as appreciated. Therefore don't wonder/complain, if you can for example not sit in stairs for a longer time.

Replacing Plugins

It happened in the past, that a plugin is replaced with another plugin which has the same mechanics like the locking plugin. This means, that the commands of the previous plugins are no longer avaible, you as player have then the task to familiarise with the new commands.

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