Multiverse - The Plugin that makes it possible

Multiverse or MCore is a plugin for Bukkit which allows you to group multiple worlds together to a Universe and multiple Universes to one Multiverse.

The Universes can be as different or similar as the owner of a server wishes. In the case of Massivecraft, they get divided into interests like Roleplay, Informational services, and so on. Read more further down on this page.

Multiverse Hub

The multiverse hub is a kind of root for the server. The hub connect currently three universes, which can be entered over portals. You will get to this point right after you finish the captcha world. You can also reach this hub via the command "/mspawn" or "/warp hub".

The pictures below show your possibilities. If you are new to the server, we recommend that you enter the information universe first.

Information Universe

Information Universe Start

Information Universe Start

The information universe contains a little trip through portal gates. There are nine gates which can be entered to get information i.e. about the server economy, the faction and the chat system. This universe can be reached via command "/warp info".

Medieval Roleplay Universe

Medieval Roleplay Universe Start

Medieval Roleplay Universe Start

The medieval roleplay universe is currently the main place where all player are playing. This universe has several worlds/islands which can be reached via boat. The first world where you will start is called Regalia. This universe can be reached via command "/spawn", "/warp medieval" or"/warp regalia".

Mini Game Universe

The mini game universe is currently only used by the advantages of the WAR plugin. The name says it. You will find mini games like 'Death Match', 'Team Death Match' or 'Capture The Flag' here. This universe can also be reached via command "/warp minigame", "/warp mg" or "/warp warhub".

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